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For over 35 years Carver has provided top quality drop-in bathtubs to builders, plumbers, architects, designers and home owners across the United States.  Our factory direct prices and custom bathtub models offer you the luxury of a custom bathtub for less without having to settle for cheap fiberglass options found at the big box retail stores. All Carver bathtubs are made in the USA and shipped FREE up to a $250 Limit to your home or job site within 10 business days. (Shipping charges set by the Freight Carriers to your location over $250 will be the responsibility of the buyer, and we will contact you prior to shipping the tub with that information.) 

Our factory direct prices are possible because you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer.  As with many successful small businesses that have made it through the recession we are focused on promoting our manufacturing expertise direct to the consumer as opposed to selling generic options to big box retailers and watching them put ridiculous retail markups on our product line.  Our ability to offer you custom whirlpool bathtub styles ranging from the typical 5' bathtub to some of the most exotic corner bathtubs in the industry puts us in a class of our own in todays bathtub industry.  The freedom to design a bathroom as you choose is a beautiful thing.  Our bathtub line allows you to be creative with your projects without breaking the bank.  If you have a level of customization that is not conveyed in our jet packages available throughout our website just give us a call and we will do our best to provide you the exact jet configuration you desire so long as the performance we demand is not sacrificed.

CarverTubs is also America's leading factory direct manufacturer of large and oversized whirlpool bathtubs. These large tubs allow you to really create the spa of your dreams in your home. When you are planning your master bathroom remodel, check out our selection of large whirlpool tubs. They can also be customized with your choice of air massage, aromotherapy, and chromotherapy mood light kits.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide our bathtub line to you and your family.  Our gratitude for your business is expressed through our excellent customer service record and on going drive to provide top quality tub products for less.  Thank you for choosing!

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2013-01-04 11:48:06
Buying American made goods, the best way to help our nation in its economic recovery. At Carver Tubs, we strongly believe in America and providing American made products whenever possible. Not only is our entire product line made in the USA (Grandview, MO), but we've taken it a step further. [...]
2011-12-20 14:53:36
Carver Tubs understands our role in providing quality products while maintaining a proper balance with our environmental impact during the process. We have continually taken measures to reduce the material waste throughout our manufacturing process and use products that have as little of a negative impact on the environment as possible. Due to the relatively simple nature of our tub manufacturing process there are only a small number of parts used to produce each tub. Our green initiative starte [...]
2011-11-02 11:31:21
Carver takes a different approach to the air massage system and we consider this an advantage for both the performance of the system as a whole and the sanitation of the system as your tub is used for years to come. The jet housings we use, shown in this image to the left, give you a glimpse into the technology that makes up our air massage jets. These jets include a housing that contains a ball bearing that acts as an on/off switch for air flow to and from each jet. The best analogy for this [...]
2011-10-24 13:42:14
Carver whirlpool bathtubs offer you the unique opportunity to enjoy a relaxing spa like experience in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Options for 6 and 12 jet whirlpool systems give you the ability to choose the proper amount of hydrotherapy for your bathing needs. All 6 jet systems (Whirlpool I package) include a 3/4 horse power motor, air and suction controls. Our 12 jet whirlpool system (Whirlpool II package) includes a 1 1/2 horse power motor, air and suction controls. All of o [...]
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