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Houston Whirlpool and Jetted Custom Bathtub

When it comes to custom bathtubs in Houston, no one does it better than Carver Tubs. From soaker tubs to whirlpool tubs to jetted tubs, you can custom design your bathtub to fit your lifestyle. With Carver Tubs, you order online so it’s fast, easy and convenient. Just choose from over 26 soaker tub styles and add whirlpool jets, water heaters, massage jets, mood lights, aromatherapy, and more until your tub is exactly what you want. Then place your order and it is delivered to your Houston home in ten days or less with everything you need to install it. It’s easy and affordable. So don’t settle for home improvement store tubs when you can have a custom Carver Tub for less.

Soaker Bathtubs by Carver Tubs

There is nothing quite as relaxing as soaking in a warm bath. If you are remodeling your bathroom, why not order a better bathtub for less through Carver Tubs? At Carver Tubs, we offer an incredible variety of tub styles and sizes – 26 in all. You can choose from 5-foot models, 6-foot models, oval, rectangle, and corner tubs. We even offer a two-person tub so you can share a long, relaxing soak. All of our tubs are made in the USA and shipped free (up to a $200 limit) to your Houston home within ten business days.

Upgrade to a Whirlpool Bathtub for Your Houston Home

While soaker tubs are relaxing, we also offer the ability to add jets to your bathtub for a massaging experience while you bathe. Nothing soothes sore muscles like warm jets of water. Choose from a six-jet whirlpool package with a ¾ horsepower motor or a 12-jet package with a 1 ½ horsepower motor. Then you can add options like an inline water heater so the water doesn’t cool down during a long soak. Our chromatherapy mood light kit adds to the relaxing atmosphere. Air massage jets on the bottom of the tub can be added for a lighter touch massage option. Aromatherapy kits round out the entire relaxation experience with soft, soothing scents. Choose your drain and overflow kit to match your bathroom fixtures and your tub is complete.

A Better Bathtub with a Better Price

The best thing about adding a Carver tub to your Houston home is the money you’ll save compared to other tubs. You don’t have to settle for the cheap fiberglass tubs you see at the big box stores. Our custom bathtub models are built better and cost less. How do we do it? When you buy a custom bathtub from Carver Tubs, you are buying direct from the manufacturer. You don’t pay the ridiculous retail markup price. This saves you hundreds. Plus our tubs come with a 5-year limited warranty on the bathtub surface and a 1-year limited warranty on the motor. Pricing starts with our soaking tub prices and you can add any accessories to build the tub that fits your Houston home and lifestyle.