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Did you know that one of the best whirlpool and soaker bathtubs are made right here in your own backyard? It’s true! Carver Tubs is located in the Kansas City area and manufactures bathtubs for shipment all over the country. And the best part is, you can buy direct from us! We offer the following type of whirlpool and combo tubs:

  • Air Massage Bathtubs
  • Large Soaker Tubs
  • Corner Bathtubs
  • Large Rectangular Whirlpool Bathtubs
  • Two Person Tubs
  • Oval and Round Bathtubs

Customize Your Bathtub To Fit Your Lifestyle

When it is time to select your Carver Tub, you have the ability to customize your bathtub to create the ultimate bathing experience. You start off by choosing either white or biscuit as your color. You can then choose how many whirlpool jets you need – either 6, 12, or 16. You can also choose the jet colors to match the fixtures in your bathroom. You can even choose the location of your motor for easy access to maintenance. In addition, you can choose from the following accessories:

  • Air Massage Jet System
  • Inline Water Heater
  • Ozone Sanitation System
  • Chromotherapy Mood Light Kit
  • Aromatherapy Kit
  • Headrest Pillow

All of our bathtubs are custom made with quality components in the Kansas City area and shipped directly to your home. You can also come to our facility and pick it up!

Carver Tubs Produces the Most Hygienic Tub On the Market

Carver Tubs has created one of the most hygienic bathtubs on the market. Our custom pipe system ensures that all of the water is removed from the whirlpool tub when you drain the bathtub. That way, the next time you take a bath, there isn’t any water still sitting in the pipes from the previous use.

Start your custom tub building by selecting a bathtub from our online store. If you have any questions, you can always call us at 1-866-935-8144.