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Carver Tubs provides an easy way to shop online for a custom bathtub for your San Diego area home. All of our bathtubs are made in the USA and shipped to your home within 10 business days. You can select and customize from the following types of bathtubs:

  • Whirlpool and Soaker Bathtubs
  • Combo Tubs (Whirlpool and Air Massage)
  • Corner Bathtubs
  • Oval and Round Bathtubs
  • Rectangular Bathtubs

Ordering a Bathtub Online Is Easier Than You Think

Bathtubs are one of those products you don’t think you would ever buy online, but Carver Tubs makes the selection process easy. You first choose the size of drop-in tub you need and then you get to choose:

  • Bathtub Color – white or biscuit
  • Number of Whirlpool Jets – 6,12, or 16
  • Whirlpool Jet Color – to match your fixtures
  • Motor Location – for easy access to maintenance
  • Bathtub Handle - for safety
  • Drain & Overflow Kit – to match your fixtures

You can then choose from many additional accessories. These accessories can enhance your bathing experience and truly create a spa-like feeling in your San Diego area home. Here are the accessories you can use to customize your whirlpool bathtub:

  • Air Massage Jet System
  • Inline Water Heater
  • Ozone Sanitation System
  • Mood Light Kit
  • Aromatherapy Kit
  • Headrest Pillow

Made in America With Quality Materials

All of our bathtubs are made at our facility in the United States. We don’t produce your tub until the order comes in, so we truly make each whirlpool and soaker bathtub from scratch. We have always used quality materials and components to make sure our bathtubs will last a long time.

In addition, our bathtubs are the cleanest in the industry because we have created a hygienic piping system. When you are finished with your bath, our piping system makes sure all the water is drained from the system, which means the next time you use your tub old water won’t be cycling through your bath. This keeps your piping system clean of mold and bacteria.

Customize your spa bathtub today, and allow Carver Tubs to show you the difference in a whirlpool or soaker bathtub for your San Diego area home.