Welcome to Carver Tubs

Good afternoon! The Carver Tubs blog has returned- alongside some new products, a new navigation menu, and greatly improved shop interface- and other quality-of-life enhancements.

Our search engine has been improved with free form and specific tub results. Type in the form, name, or dimensions for your desired tub and the new quick results search bar will populate some possible tub selections for you to choose between, right from the website header.

If you don't see a tub that works for you, feel free to browse our wares on our updated eCommerce shop- complete with free form search, as well- to find your perfect Carver bathtub.

Carver Tubs sells more than bathtubs now! We've been very excited to announce our expanded selection of products, and we can't wait for you to see what we have to offer. Everything we sell is made to exceed expectations and enhance your bathing experience, and this year, we have more to offer than ever before.

Explore our new alcove tub selection, starting at $799! Alcove Tubs are compatible with accessories such as our Chromatherapy LED Lights, Wave Sound Bluetooth Speaker System, and/or our Heated Air Massage system. Alcove Tubs have the options of having an attached right hand motor (ALR) or left hand motor (ALL), and motor placement should be determined before purchasing the tub. If you have any questions about the specifics of the alcove bathtubs, please contact us directly before your purchase.

Carver Tubs is also now offering a variety of Shower Doors (SH) and Shower Pans (SP). Striking stainless steel hardware, ⅜" Tempered Glass, and aluminum part, our Shower Doors deliver a perfect mix of exceptional quality and cool urban style. Our Shower Pans are slip-resistant, scratch resistant, have incredible insulation- and most important of all, they're easy to clean. Our current selection of Shower Doors start at $729 and our Shower Pans start at $339. If you want to assemble a beautiful shower, Carver Tubs is willing to assist you with our doors/pans selection. If you have any assembly or installation questions, contact us directly before your purchase.

So much has changed in the last month, in regards to both navigating our website and our newest selection of products- and to reflect that, we've made contacting us easier than ever. On the bottom of our main homepage, our location, hours, email, phone are listed in plain text, with added interactive buttons.

Traditionally, customers had to refer to our contact form- but direct email access and phone access are available to most smart devices through the added buttons. The traditional contact form is still available and preferred, as it helps us address your issue with all the information we need.

When emailing us directly without the contact form template, please try to be as descriptive and specific as possible when inquiring about an issue.

Google Maps navigation is available by clicking on the address text, while Apple Maps navigation is available by clicking the image above the address, provided by DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo is a Google alternative search engine that protects you by hiding your search history and data from 3rd party websites and trackers. Directions from wherever you happen to be to our showroom can be found by enabling Location Services on DuckDuckGo, but they will never access your location without your permission.

iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS devices can natively open Apple Maps from DuckDuckGo, making Carver Tubs more accessible on more platforms than before. Those with Android smart devices, or those with the Google Maps app on any smart device, still have the option of using our direct link to Google Maps.

fiji freestanding bathtub with faucet slider carver tubs

We are constantly trying to improve our website visitor and customer experience by prioritizing the features and questions from our customers. Improvements like an detailed navigation menu, a highly customizable product builder, and free form search functionality help make Carver Tubs best serve the needs of our customers. Our priority is getting all of our new products live and functional, and getting our site optimized for mobile smart devices. Thank you for your patience, and we appreciate you visiting Carver Tubs!

All blog posts from 2018 and before have been archived and available to view on our blog. (Some of the information presented in previous blog posts may not accurately reflect current science or have up-to-date statistics, but are helpful guides when considering to purchase one of our Carver Tubs and some of the extended benefits with your purchase.)