Revitalize Your Body with Therapeutic Thermotherapy

Rejuvenate your tired muscles with a heater that targets the areas where we most commonly carry our stress: the neck, shoulders, and back. Our thermotherapy system radiates heat and allows you to relax your whole body, surrounding it in comforting warmth.

Appropriately named our Comfort Warm heater, your worries are dissolved in your bath water as you let the built-up tension of the day melt away. See what makes this customization a must-have in your Carver tub, and browse our selection to put yourself one step closer to an elevated bathing experience.

Why Add Thermotherapy to Your Custom Bathtub?

Pain Relief

When in contact with the warm surface of your bathtub, your thermoreceptors, located at your skin’s surface, will react and release endorphins, helping you relax and relieving the pain in the trapezius muscle and stress-related stiffness in your neck.

Unparalleled Comfort

The heated backrest allows you to stay comfortably warm while the tub fills and empties. During your bath, enjoy the effects of thermotherapy.

Enhanced Wellness

Heat therapy soothes muscles, relaxes the body, and calms the spirit by reducing daily stress. The Comfort Warm system is a source of well-being integrated into your bathtub.

Comfort Warm Heater Details


Your Comfort Warm system can be offered as a stand-alone with a single-touch keypad or incorporated into a multi-function electronic keypad.

Easy to Use

The heater operates through a keypad located on the edge of the tub with three temperature settings and a 30-minute timer.