The Next Generation of Hydrotherapy

Long, busy days at the office and strenuous activities are two of the biggest culprits of discomfort, fatigue, and soreness in our bodies. Fortunately, Carver Tubs’ Vibrosonic massage system can effectively eliminate all that, loosening and relaxing your muscles in just 10 to 15 minutes.

Vibrosonic jets are designed with multiple power levels, vibration speeds, and sequence modes, so you can target specific pressure points and customize the massage exactly to your preferences. Because the system doesn’t need water or air to run, there’s also no hygiene concerns.

Get to know our Vibrosonic massage system and browse bathtubs for sale that support this customization.

The One Jet that Does It All

Five Pulsation Power Levels

Choose your preferred power level based on your body and muscle density.

Five Vibration Speeds

Five vibration speeds allow the massage to deeply penetrate your muscles.

Three Sequence Modes

Unique Shiatsu sequences massage the areas where you need it most.

Packages and Zones for the Vibrosonic Massage System

Four Jet Package

Four different zones with four Vibrosonic jets

Six Jet Package 

Four different zones with six Vibrosonic jets

Eight Jet Package

Four different zones with eight Vibrosonic jets (includes massage jets for your feet)