Hygienic Ozone Technology for a Cleaner Bathtub

Wash away one less worry with Carver Tubs’ ozone sanitizer. The system helps maintain the health and cleanliness of your bathtub by infusing ozone’s triatomic power (oxidation potential) into recirculating bath water. This effectively neutralizes sediments like soaps, body oils, and other organic and inorganic materials commonly found in bathroom plumbing.

Ozone systems have been third-party validated to eradicate 99.99% of microorganisms typically found in spas. Compared to chlorine and bromine cleaners, ozone sanitizes the water without undesirable byproducts. Discover why our ozone sanitizer is a must-have tub addition, plus browse various products that support the customization.

Only available with whirlpool and line heater features.

6 Reasons You Need an Ozone Sanitizer


Ozone is 200 times stronger than household bleach.


Ozone is made naturally from the oxygen we breathe. Unlike traditional chemicals, it’s safe and gentle enough to be used while bathing.


Ozone reverts to oxygen when its work is done, leaving behind no byproducts in the water.


Ozone is introduced to the bath water through the factory installed system, which automatically starts when the whirlpool feature is on and works while you bathe.


Ozone has been used as a sanitizing agent for more than 100 years. Hundreds of cities in the United States utilize ozone to depollute municipal drinking and waste water. Almost all bottled water is treated with ozone as well, and since 1984, Olympic Games swimming pools have been purified with it.


Our ozone sanitization system operates maintenance-free, costing you pennies a day. There are also no moving parts involved, so you don’t have to worry about components wearing out or breaking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the ozone sanitizer work?
    When the tub circulation pump is turned on, the ozone system begins operating in unison. Ozone gas is generated and immediately mixed into the recirculating bath water via the connection between the generator and a dedicated ozone therapy jet. When the tub pump is turned off, the ozone generator circuit also turns off.
  • How does the ozone sanitizer create ozone?
    The corona discharge (CD) generator, which produces the ozone, splits oxygen O2 molecules into separate O atoms. The O atoms immediately bond loosely to adjacent O2 molecules to form powerful O3 ozone molecules.
  • What other benefits does the ozone sanitizer provide?
    The ozone sanitizer eliminates the need to run caustic chlorine or other chemicals through the tub circulation system. You can simply fill the basin and run the jet pump for at least 15 minutes to sanitize the tub and internal components where any potentially harmful organic matter could grow. In addition to the ozone sanitizer, Carver Tubs recommends using a whirlpool cleaner every month.

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