Get the Best of Both Worlds in Hydrotherapy

For the ultimate relaxation experience, choose a Carver combo bathtub. Fusing a whirlpool’s hydro-massage with the soothing caress of air bubble technology, the system brings a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere right to your home.

Our combo tubs transcend regular baths, providing a space to unwind and enjoy a refreshing soak entirely based on your preferences. Get a deep-tissue massage one day, while basking in gentle effervescence the next. Why pick between the two when you can have both?

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What Is a Combo Bathtub?

Carver whirlpool systems are designed to maximize the benefits of hydrotherapy, directed to massage, soothe sore muscles, and help your body relax. Our strategically positioned adjustable jets target individual stress points along your body and can be easily adjusted to customize your massage.

Our air massage technology uses waterless jets to create thousands of small, heated air bubbles that surround the bather, offering a delicate, yet invigorating bathing sensation.

Whirlpool and Air Massage Combination Disclaimer
The air massage and whirlpool systems can be used in conjunction with one another. By doing so, however, the peak performance of the whirlpool system will be reduced due to the volume of air being injected into the water from the air massage system. This is normal for all whirlpool/air massage combination packages.

Technical Information

20 Air Massage Jets

Line the bathtub floor

12 Whirlpool Jets

Ergonomically placed

3 Speeds

Low, medium, & high

Require (2) 20AMP Breakers

For Air Blower & Whirlpool Motor