Add a Soundtrack to Your Self-Care Routine

Turn relaxation up to 11 with Carver Tubs' Wave Sound speakers. This customization promises to amplify your bathing experience, adding an audio element that complements your mood and elevates the atmosphere.

Designed to sync with your mobile device or computer, our Bluetooth-enabled speakers make it convenient to play music, podcasts, or any other audio of your choosing. The system is also completely waterproof, so don’t have to worry about splashes or humid bathroom conditions causing damage.

Our speakers deliver impeccable sound, meaning you can fully immerse yourself in not only a soothing bath, but a sonic journey as well. Discover how Carver Tubs harmonizes technology, functionality, and luxury to help you create a spa-like ambience at home, and explore the bathtub models that support our Wave Sound speakers.

25W Speakers

Small yet powerful, our 25W speakers direct sound toward the inside of the bathtub, enveloping you in your favorite audio. 

User Friendly

The Wave Sound Bluetooth system is easily controlled through the electronic keypad located on the edge of the tub.