Embrace the Power of Air Bubbles in Your Custom Carver Tub

Dreaming of a spa-like bathroom retreat? Completely hygienic heated air massage from Carver Tubs helps you unwind and rejuvenate at home.

The system is a waterless alternative or addition to traditional whirlpool jets. When turned on, warm air creates millions of tiny bubbles throughout the bath, allowing you to float and easing pressure on your muscles and joints. On top of that, you can enjoy a splash-free soak. The water is calm enough to still read a book while you bathe.

Learn more about our air massage technology, and get started customizing a tub.

Heated Air Massage Features

Gentle Air Massage

Our air massage bathtubs produce champagne-like bubbles, which aid in pain relief, muscle relaxation, and increased blood flow. 

100% Hygienic

Carver Tubs’ gravitational drainage air massage jets and cleansing cycle guarantee that your bathtub is completely hygienic and sanitary every time you step in.

Gravitational Jets

Our exclusive air massage jets prevent water from entering the air massage lines during bathing.

Cleansing Cycle

Fifteen minutes after bathing, the air massage system will reactivate to purge any residual water that could remain in the lines and jets. This cleansing cycle is one more step Carver Tubs takes to ensure that your system remains clean and dry, every time.

Heated Air Blower

The blower is an essential feature of our air massage system, promising unmatched performance, reliability, and a small footprint. The quiet motor and built-in heater warms the air, filling the tub with soothing bubbles for a therapeutic bathing experience.

Technical Information

  • Electrical Requirements
    Carver Tub motors operate on a 110V outlet and require a 20 AMP GFCI breaker. The motor is mounted to the tub and comes with a four-foot, three-prong cord. See our Electrical page for more information on the electrical requirements.
  • Motor Side
    It’s crucial to know which side the motor belongs on your custom tub. Most states require a serviceable access panel to the power bearing components of a bathtub. For new construction builds, the motor side is often not important, but for remodels, it can cause setbacks during installation. Check out the diagrams on our Motor Side Guide for help determining the correct way.
  • Where Are the Jets Placed?
    Jet placement varies from bathtub to bathtub. We have spec sheets available that showcase the different jet options for each bathtub.
  • Carver Tubs Warranty
    More information about Carver Tubs warranty can be found here.

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