Better Sleep? Take a Warm Bath in the Evening

Warm Baths Before Bedtime Contribute to Better Sleep

Sleep is associated with health benefits, from immune system strength to better pain recovery, and a heated bath before bed is a good way to ensure that you get better and more of it.

Carver whirlpool bath systems are a good way to help in the improvement of your health. The warm water from our inline heaters to the soothing back massage these tubs will change your life!

A drop in body temperature at night is one a signal to the body to start producing melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. Our bodies get colder at night naturally, the temperature drop starts two hours

before bed and lasts till about 4 a.m. stimulating that downward shift by heating yourself up works to get yourself to feel sleepy. Get out of a warm bath, cool yourself down,and get into bed. Enjoy tumor more rested and healthy!