Design A Bathtub with Carver's Bathtub Builder

Design A Bathtub with Carver's Bathtub Builder
We do things a little differently at Carver Tub's, that is why we just launched our Visual Bathtub Builder, allowing you to Design a Bathtub to your liking and specifications.  The majority of Bathtub's in the United States are sold via Plumbing Supply Houses and 3rd Party Sellers. As a customer, this means your options are often limited and you are left dealing with the store representative who sells multiple brands and thus lacks the expertise and knowledge to truly answer all of your questions. At Carver, our in-house sales and post-sales support mean that you receive better service and options to truly design the tub how you want it.

We recently launched our Visual Bathtub Builder, allowing you to Design a Bathtub to your liking and specifications. The base price of the bathtub 'shell' is shown on the product page. Getting started is easy!

Build and Design a Bathtub at The 1st step in Designing your own bathtub is to click on the Build Your Own button on any of Carver Tub’s Drop In Bathtubs


Customize your tub with Whirlpool Jets, Air Massage Jets and Hydrotherapy Upgrades An Interactive, Visual Bathtub Builder for Design a Tub of your dreams! - Featured Tub: AR6032 60" x 32"


As you Design a Bathtub, the price will update and display on the right-hand side of the Bathtub Builder. Once you have designed your dream tub, you can email yourself a copy of the build or Add to Cart and check out. If you have any questions along the way, please contact us Toll Free @ 1.866.935.8144, our support staff is available 9AM-5PM CST.

Our goal was to design a user-friendly customization tool so that our customers could design their bathtub exactly how they want and save money in the process!  We hope you enjoy customizing your bathtub!